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Dunken Shrinkies enamel pin

Dunken Shrinkies enamel pin

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Maybe he was a scientist from a remote research team, deep in the darkest part of the dense jungle...

Or maybe he was an unfortunate tourist who wandered off from his tour group looking to get real up close with the locals...

Or maybe he isn't a he at all, but a she (who can tell when your head's been dried to the size of a small handfruit anyway?)

Whatever happened... they just plan lost their head.

Here's our Lil' Shrunkie, a lone shrunken head... so shrunken that it stands just a wee 1.75", long flowing hair and all.

This soft enamel pin features a secure double-closure (so that YOU don't lose your head) and is limited to just 200 before we retire him to enjoy his afterlife in comfort.

Designed by Pete Klockau at The Black Lagoon Room

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