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Mai Tai'd Til He Died Skeleton enamel pin

Mai Tai'd Til He Died Skeleton enamel pin

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If you live your life "Mai Tai Til I Die" surely, the only result, ultimately, is having Mai Tai'd Til You Died...

So don't feel bad for this fella - He went out doing what he loved, final Mai Tai in is claw.

Our "Mai Tai'd Til He Died" enamel pin is 1.75" long, glows in the dark, and features a double-clasp closure so you won't lose him after too many Mai Tai's (but hopefully not as many as this guy!)

This is (likely) the final pin in our "Monster Drinkin' Buddies" series, so make sure ya don't snooze on 'im if you want to complete your set!

Designed by Pete Klockau at The Black Lagoon Room

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