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AD376: Boundless Relaxation - Tranquility of the Infinite cassette

AD376: Boundless Relaxation - Tranquility of the Infinite cassette

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Already Dead Tapes proudly presents:“Tranquility Of The Infinite”, the debut album and film by Boundless Relaxation.

Boundless Relaxation is a new band featuring wildly prolific independent home-taper Samuel Locke Ward, infamous Austin electronic musician The Bassturd, and punk rock legend Joe Jack Talcum (founding member of the Dead Milkmen)

“Tranquility Of The Infinite” is 8 tracks of mind-altering spoken word pieces over soothing soundscapes of synthesizer and guitar that are both hauntingly beautiful and dark. It blurs the line between guided relaxation, self-help motivational speaking and psychedelic, new-age, ambient music.

This album will be released on cassette tape, ( inspired by the style of tape one would find in truck stops throughout the 1980’s and 90’s) and digitally. A 42 minute VHS tape (a collaboration between the band and Iowa filmmaker Jason Hennesy) will be simultaneously released, for a full audio & visual experience.

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