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Copperhead blu-ray w/ slip

Copperhead blu-ray w/ slip

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This special limited edition slipcover (designed by Earl Kessler Jr.) is limited to 2,000 units.

An apocalyptic vision of greed, paranoia, crime, vengeance, and death! The vengeful father, the fanatical mother, the rebellious daughter, the unlucky son, and the greedy son-in-law come to the remote hideout with the priceless stolen ancient Inca gold necklace. Then, mysteriously, deadly copperheads begin to appear. Is their neighbor, the artist, planting them? Are the snakes attracted by mice that infest the abandoned church? Is there another explanation having to do with the father's vicious murder of the South American family who found the Inca necklace? Magnum pistols and tearful prayers can't stop the hundreds of copperheads that surround them. Seldom has vengeance been so exquisitely cruel or so graphically portrayed. Probably the snakiest of all the horror movies ever made and each and every copperhead in the movie was fully equipped with poison. You can literally see venom dripping from the copperheads' fangs in the horrific conclusion. Graphic and powerful, COPPERHEAD is a tale of crime and punishment revealed through dreams and paranoid suspicions. It moves with lightning-quick cutting and pounding, relentless electronic score. 

Additional info:

New Interview with Writer/Director Leland Payton

New Interview with Producer Crystal Payton

New Interview with Actor Ross Payton

Feature Length Commentary with Leland, Crystal, and Ross

Video Commentary with Leland and Crystal

Feature Length Commentary with The Mixed Six

Cruelty-Free Version Of The Film

Isolated Score

Storyboards, Script, and Press Materials

Bonus Lost Film: Motorhome From Hell

Feature Length Commentary with Director Ross Payton and Crew Members Chris Farmer and Aaron Carsten 

Feature Length Commentary with Director Ross Payton, Caleb Stokes, and Spencer Harris

Trailer for Motorhome From Hell

Press Materials


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