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Cube blu-ray with slip

Cube blu-ray with slip

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The slipcover version is LTD to 2000 copies.

Director Vincenzo Natali’s Cube blazed across film festival screens in 1997, garnering awards around the globe before settling into wild success on home video. The inventive shocker initiated a wave of deadly trap horror films and spawned two sequels, cementing its stature as a cult classic. In 2021 Japanese filmmaker Yasuhiko Shimizu delivered a bold new take on the iconic Cube tale, making its US Blu-ray debut here courtesy of Terror Vision.

Six diverse strangers are placed inside a maze of interlocked rooms, each containing challenges straddling the worlds of gamesmanship and death. Just one footstep, just one noise, could spell the end for the group of unlikely survivalists who must work together to solve the mystery of who captured them and why.

Terror Vision is proud to present 2021’s Cube in striking HD and including a new interview with original Cube creator Vincenzo Natali.


New Interview w/ Cube Creator: Vincenzo Natali


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