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In the Woods (1999) blu-ray with slipcover

In the Woods (1999) blu-ray with slipcover

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This limited-edition slipcover is designed by Earl Kess and is limited to 4,000 units.


On a hunting trip to the woods, Alex Kerwood and Wayne Higley stumble onto a mysterious burial site. They dig it up and find the skull of a strange horned creature. Misty and eerie, the woods take on a whole new terror for Alex and Wayne, as they find their way out and attempt to resume their normal lives as firefighters but the clock ticks as they fight to stay alive from the creature that is hunting them. 

In The Woods debuted in video stores in December of 1999. Since then, it has had a small cult following through the years. Lynn Drzick made this DIY monster movie that shows the goods from the start with a lot of gnarly special effects. Terror Vision is proud to present In The Woods with its worldwide Blu-ray debut with new and archival extras! With a fresh new transfer from Beta SP master (sadly the film material is long gone) that was supervised with the director. This release also includes a new cut of the film by the director as a bonus feature along with the original cut of the film from 1999.

Special Features:

Original Cut Of The Film (80 minutes)

Alternate Cut Of The Film (81 minutes)

1999 Commentary For The Original Cut

2024 Commentary For The Alternate Cut

In The Woods Audition Tapes

In The Woods Behind The Scenes

WLDO News Update Footage

Springheel Jack (Short Film)

Diamond Dragon (Short Film)

In The Woods Main Theme

In The Woods Teaser Trailer 

In The Woods Trailer

In The Woods 2 Teaser Trailer

Newly Created Subtitles (For Both Versions)

1999 / 80 min / Unrated / 16:9  / 2.0 Audio / Region A

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