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Lost in the 80s: The Joe Zaso Collection blu-ray with slip

Lost in the 80s: The Joe Zaso Collection blu-ray with slip

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Lost In The 80s is the first in a series of releases preserving media thought lost, pulled from the brink of extinction by Terror Vision.

Between the ages of 13 and 18 filmmaker Joe Zaso made four movies with his family and friends. On foot, by mail, and by phone the young director marketed his creations to area video stores, earning shelf space among commercial studio tapes. Once rental stores fell by the wayside, Zaso’s movies were relegated to tape trading and bootleg circles where their legend continued to grow…

After more than 30 years in relative obscurity, Terror Vision is thrilled to deliver the official release of Screambook, Screambook II, Maligno, and It’s Only A Movie for their worldwide physical media debut.

If you’re a fan of DIY and SOV fare, these films are for you, serving up ambitious regional cinema that inspires and delights with its boundary-free storytelling. Loaded with insightful commentaries and interviews, Lost In the 80s is an adventure in creative exploration and a throwback to the pioneering days of movies made at home.

These 4 films are transferred from the original master tapes from Zaso’s personal archive. Quality is rough but enjoyment will be maximized.

Screambook (1984 - 80 mins)

SCREAMBOOK is Joe Zaso's first feature film and a shameless homage to "CREEPSHOW" which was Joe's favorite movie at the time. An a bickering middle-aged couple explores a comic book called "Screambook. "Its five gruesome tales of horror include vengeful families, monster teachers, monster students, evil toys come to life, and even the wrath of a thousand worms (actually 40 pounds of spaghetti).

Screambook II (1985 - 74 mins)

"SCREAMBOOK II: THE NEXT ISSUE" are more tales to be found in the comic book known as SCREAMBOOK as we begin in a video shop with a very odd desk clerk. The four weird and wild tales offer monster cats, vengeful spouses, adultering and avenging couples, a birthday party that goes supernaturally wild, and the backroom horrors
of an undertaker.

Maligno (1986 - 93 mins)

Think PHENOMENA meets EYES OF LAURA MARS by way of an
ABC Afterschool Special! This teen-made giallo follows young Susan
Galligan as she enrolls in a new school and before long, she discovers
numerous girls from the school have been disappearing without a trace.
She begins to fear the worst because as it happens but Susan is
mysteriously clairvoyant and her murderous "visions" set her on a path
to solve a horrific mystery.

It’s Only A Movie (1989 - 100 mins)

The first possession musical and a grab bag of everything, BUT the kitchen sink.  A movie crew sets up shop at the mysterious and supposedly empty estate of Bosco Manor.  But soon, they discover they're not alone as demonic doings and musical numbers splash onto the scene in this epic which Variety called, ...well-meaning."

Special Features:

Commentary w/ Joe Zaso for all 4 films

Interviews w/ Joe Zaso and Tim Frey

Interviews w/ Cast & Crew

It’s Only A Movie in B&W

Isolated Scores

Newly Created Captions

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