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Popatopalis (2009) blu-ray with slipcover

Popatopalis (2009) blu-ray with slipcover

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Jim Wynorski was the first to cast Traci Lords in mainstream cinema. He directed Heather Locklear in The Return Of Swamp Thing. He discovered Jennifer Love Hewitt. Now, the man behind The Bare Wench Project and The Devil Wears Nada must make a movie in three days.

He has a successful formula (a big chase and a big chest) and a catchy title (Witches Of Breastwick). But now he must cut the schedule, the crew, the makeup, and the food to focus on the only “special effects” he can really afford: the buxom assets of Julie K. Smith, Monique Parent, and Stormy Daniels. Humorous and insightful, the award-winning documentary peeks into the pop-topping world of B-movies before they disappear from our shelves forever. 

Terror Vision is INCREDIBLY proud to deliver this definitive release of Popatopolis for the first time ever on Blu-ray. Popatopolis was originally shot on DV cameras during production and the new presentation is created from those master tapes. This release is “stacked” with new and archival extras along with a workprint of the film and a new HD presentation of Witches Of Breastwick

(stills are from Popatopolis and Witches Of Breastwick)

Special Features:

3 Hour Workprint of Popatopolis

New Restoration/HD Presentation of Witches Of Breastwick

Commentary w/ Clay Westervelt, Brooks Larson & Lee Sanders

Commentary w/ Monqiue Parent & Antonia Dorian

Visual Essay: #RestoreTheWynorskiverse by Someone’s Favorite Productions

New Interview w/ Jim Wynorski

New Interview w/ Clay Westervelt

New Interview w/ Monique Parent

Still & Poster Gallery

Interview w/ Gigi Erneta

Interview w/ Paul Coufos on The Lost Empire

Theresa Wynorski Deleted Scene

House of Julie Strain

Egyptian Premiere w/ Q&A (30min) 

Jim on Screamers

Jim on Deathstalker II

Jim on Chopping Mall

Jim on Breaking Into Hollywood

Jim on Movie Budgets

Killbot Jr.

Monique Parent Commercial Reel

Popatopolis Promo Trailer

Newly Created Subtitles

2009 / 75 min / Unrated / 1.78:1  / 2.0 Audio /Region Free

Notes On Restoration: Popatopolis was shot on DVX100 Mini DV and DVCam so our source is stuck at 480p so there isn’t much to improve on simply because we can’t with a digital master like this. However, this is the best the film has ever looked. That said, Witches Of Breastwick was shot on a Sony HDW-F900 and we were able to do an upgrade and give it a great HD treatment! Funny how the bonus film looks better than the A feature but we hope you all enjoy this massive release.

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