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The Jar / Charon (1984) Blu-ray with Slip

The Jar / Charon (1984) Blu-ray with Slip

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Paul (Gary Wallace) is traveling home one evening after work when he finds an old man who is injured on the side of the road. Paul stops and carries the man to his care in order to take him home and clean him up. The old man tells Paul about a jar that he cannot leave there and for him to pick it up. Paul then gets home and the old man disappears but the jar remains...and consumes Paul. Are things spiraling for Paul? Is the jar making him see visions? What could be next?

Charon, aka The Jar, was released by Magnum Entertainment in 1984 and was omnipresent in video rental stores. While the film was shot in scope, the distributor released it in a butchered cropped presentation cutting out about half of the intended frame in a murky VHS transfer. Terror Vision has restored Charon/The Jar using a partial camera negative along with a print to finally offer director Bruce Toscano’s unique vision in all its beautiful, color drenched glory. Accompanied by a stunning synth score and bonus material, this is a striking new viewing experience for even longtime fans of the film.


Commentary w/ Bruce Toscano and writer George Bradley

Commentary w/ Gary Wallace and Terror Vision's Brad Henderson

Interview w/ Bruce Toscano

Interview w/ Gary Wallace

Interview w/ George Bradley

More Extras TBD


Rated R - 85 minutes - 1984 - 2.35:1 - 2.0 - Region Free

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