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The Nail Gun Massacre (1985) 4K UHD blu-ray with slipcover

The Nail Gun Massacre (1985) 4K UHD blu-ray with slipcover

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A young woman is sexually assaulted by a group of construction workers at a building site in a small Texas town. Suddenly, mutilated bodies begin turning up. Nailed up. Nailed to trees. Nailed to pavement. Nailed to each other! The nail gun maniac is deadly, and no one knows who they’ll hammer down next. It’s a piercing, no holds-barred, trip into industrial-strength horror!

Terror Vision has worked meticulously with the surviving Nail Gun Massacre elements, and we think we nailed it. Presented for the first time in 4K UHD from a mixture of surviving elements, Terror Vision is proud to present this glorious and trashy masterpiece with a brand new restoration and HDR color grade! Along with various presentations of the film - this release is full of archival material along with brand new pieces for this release!

Special Features:

4:3 Presentation of Nail Gun Massacre

Archival Restoration of Nail Gun Massacre  

New Commentary by The Hysteria Continues

New Commentary by Will Dodson & Ryan Verrill of Someone’s Favorite Productions

Archival Commentary by Loyd Cryer

New Audio Interview w/ Actress Connie Speer

New Interview w/ Actress Michelle Meyer

New Interview w/ Actor Rocky Patterson

New Interview w/ Kit Connally

New Interview w/ Loyd Cryer

Interview w/ Writer, Director, and Stuntman Terry Lofton

Interview w/ Composer Whitey Thomas

New Visual Essay by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas 

Rewind Zone w/ Yasmina Ketita - Courtesy of Rue Morgue TV

Alamo Drafthouse Screening w/ Q&A

Location Featurette

Nailed (An Archival Making Of)

Nail Gun Q&A Hosted by Joe Bob Briggs


Promotional Trailer

Newly Created Subtitles

1985  / 85 min / Unrated / 1.37:1  / 2.0 Audio / Region Free UHD / Region A BD

Notes On Restoration: The Nail Gun Massacre UHD w/HDR was sourced from vaulted elements which were all scanned and restored in order to bring you the best release possible with a massive upgrade from the previous releases. Here at Terror Vision we worked for over 6 painstaking months in order to gather, clean, scan, restore, and do a new HDR color grade on this 80s slasher classic!

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