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Thirsty Creature enamel pin

Thirsty Creature enamel pin

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Up from the depths, something sinister lurks...

Sinister... and thirsty for tasty tropical drinks!

Our Black Lagoon Room "Thirsty Creature" enamel pin features the iconic mitt of your favorite lagoon-dwelling primordial man-fish and ours emerging from the darkest waters to grab himself a tall, frosty beverage.

These full-color enamel pins GLOW IN THE DARK, feature double metal clasp closure, and measure a full 2" from straw tip to drippy wrist, 1" across.

Grab y'rself a Thirsty Creature pin and mix up a nice, refreshing tropical tipple and you and th' Creatch can enjoy a relaxing island-getaway-in-a-glass together!

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