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Ti & Do The Father and "Jesus" Heaven's Gate UFO Two Witnesses by Sawyer

Ti & Do The Father and "Jesus" Heaven's Gate UFO Two Witnesses by Sawyer

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We are excited to finally be selling this book authored by Sawyer (a former member of the group “Heaven’s Gate”), detailing his philosophy and interpretations of Ti and Do’s teachings over decades of study while in the group and afterward.

Super limited amount of signed copies are available exclusively here; if you’d like a signed copy please select the option in the drop-down menu.

About the book:

After his 19 years in the group studying under Ti and Do from 1975 until 1994, Sawyer left the group of his own volition though has remained a believer in the teachings and philosophy as he interpreted it to this day. Ti and Do left extensive records of everything they came to awaken to know in their 25 years leading the group. Sawyer drew upon their records and his own experience to describe many new translations of terms and new Biblical interpretations parallelling the teachings of Ti and Do and the Book of Revelations and prophecies within.

Since leaving the group, Sawyer spent his time studying world history and current events, documenting what he believes demonstrates these prophecies. This includes many unusual events NASA has photographed in outer space as Jesus prophesied; a cityscape of Lights on dwarf planet Ceres, earth-like qualities to dwarf planet Pluto, hexagon-shaped top on Saturn, spire-like towers on the Moon, complicated objects that resemble Star Trek's star-ship enterprise in the sun's corona, comets that are comprised of several to seven objects flying in V formation, and so on.

Sawyer published this book in 2017 after years of research, compiling an interesting and truly unique look at the infamous group “Heaven’s Gate” beliefs as he interprets them.

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