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Welcome to Hell blu-ray with slip

Welcome to Hell blu-ray with slip

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The slipcover version is LTD to 2000 copies.

In her search for independence, Lucia (Constanza Cardillo) falls into the arms of black metal singer Cristian (Demián Salomón) and an ill-fated relationship rooted in violence that reveals Cristian’s Satanic on-stage presentation is all too real. Desperate to escape the singer’s clutches and protect her unborn child, Lucia moves to her grandmother’s forest cabin, but finds her monstrous past will stop at nothing to find her.

With Welcome To Hell (Bienvenidos al infierno) director Jimena Monteoliva delivers a beautiful, brutal horror film replete with strong performances, stunning cinematography, and jaw dropping special effects, all underscored by pummeling black metal. Terror Vision is proud to present Welcome To Hell in its worldwide disc debut with a bloody slew of special features.


Commentary with Director Jimena Monteoliva and moderated by Terror Vision's Brad Henderson

Interview w/ Jimena Monteoliva

Interview w/ Constanza Cardillo

Interview w/ Damian Salomon
Interview w/ Nicanor Loreti

Interview w/ Florencia Franco

Interview w/ Camilo De Cabo
El Hada De Las Gallinas (a short film by Jimena Monteoliva)

Music Video: Pasco "Esclavo Maldito"


Behind The Scenes Footage

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